EP Review: Hannah Jane Lewis – Hannah Jane Lewis

Twitter can be a wonderful resource and for me, as someone looking for good country music, it’s been invaluable. It was via Twitter that I became aware of Hannah Jane Lewis, a young country singer from right here in the UK, London in fact. I’d heard a few clips of her covers and original songs, but it wasn’t until I saw the music video for her song 17 Again that I really sat up and took notice. That’s right, music video. Not content with just releasing the song on audio, Hannah and her team made a proper music video, which you can watch right now – go on…

It was after watching this video that I went straight to iTunes and bought her self-titled EP: Hannah Jane Lewis, containing 17 Again and 3 more songs for just £2.49 – a veritable bargain.

In true classic country style, the EP starts off with a story of a lost love in Missing Piece. What you can hear straight away is a really well produced record, the kind that you’d expect from a big release by a huge record company. Hannah’s voice is great, and not just for someone at her level, but great as in as good as any singer you’ll hear selling thousands of albums in the charts these days. She has a wonderful tone and it’s a voice that oozes honesty and believability, something that is very important in her chosen genre of music.

17 Again I saw someone on Twitter call their song of the summer, and you’d be hard pushed to disagree, especially with the accompanying video. This has a slightly more pop feel, but is still very much a country song, especially with that voice that could very well have origins in Nashville. Hannah spent 7 years in America working on her music, and I’ll be interviewing her shortly so will find out more about where she was and what she got up to.

My Time brings the tempo down and once again showcases Hannah’s beautiful vocals. There’s an element of Taylor Swift mixed with Kacey Musgraves, and probably a few others too. That’s a combination that anyone who knows me will understand why I like this EP so much. I’d love to hear Hannah play this song acoustically, just her and a guitar.

The EP closes with The Worst way, which displays a youthful energy mixed with a mature outlook on life, one that has obviously experienced a lot in just a short time. As I listen to this track now, as I type, I honestly think it can only be a matter of time before Hannah Jane Lewis becomes a name that a lot more people will know, a whole lot more.

When I bought the Hannah Jane Lewis EP I wasn’t expecting it to be this good, and don’t mean that as an insult Hannah – it’s just that it really is as good as anything I’ve listened to in a while. Great storytelling, fabulous vocals and all put together seamlessly. I will be seeing Hannah at Country 2 Country in 3 weeks time and I’m as excited about that as I am about seeing the likes of Brad Paisley and The Dixie Chicks! I just hope a full album is on the way, I want more!

Check out Hannah’s brand new website here and buy her EP here – for the price of a coffee it’s almost rude not to!

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