Single Review: Dexeter – Slow It Down

There’s always a risk associated with getting to know a band – what if they create some new music and I don’t like it? Well if I can’t be honest then there would be no reason to keep this blog going. If when I’d heard Slow It Down and not liked it, I’d have had to tell them it’s not for me and then not write about it. I decided some time ago to only write about music I like – that makes it more enjoyable for me to write, and you to read!

So back to Dexeter, and their new single Slow It Down, which starts out with Dee’s ever improving vocals and infectious guitar and drums – the latter of which I know is Jim hitting the drum rims, after seeing them shoot the video this past Sunday. When I say Dee’s vocals are improving, they were of a pretty damn high standard before, but with each new song and more confidence they are reaching new heights, both in tone and strength.

Penned by guitarist Gareth, Slow It Down is a song about the protagonist’s desires for a mystery man who seems to already be in a relationship, and that being the main complication. A subject that many can probably identify with, but few would admit to. It’s a very catchy song, with a very bouncy and soulful melody that is certain to get stuck in your head and you’re going to be singing that chorus at every opportunity. Don’t worry though, that’s a good thing, I can assure you of that.

Slow It Down - Dexeter

Slow It Down – Dexeter

Dexeter are a band of 6, sometimes 7 at live shows, but you never feel like that’s too much. The accordion, bass, drums, guitars and vocals all blend so smoothly and add depth and character to their sound. The backing vocals are very much that with Slow It Down, and there are far fewer harmonies than previous songs. It feels like Slow It Down is not only the break out song for the band, but it’s also the definitive positioning of Dee into the spotlight as the front woman of Dexeter.

Slow It Down is a country song with mainstream country pop appeal, but it also oozes class, and the setting of the video is everything I had imagined when hearing the song before seeing the venue. When it comes out in August it’s going to put Dexeter on the map as one of UK country’s finest, and rightfully so. Do check out where they are playing because Dexeter live are an experience that very few can match.

Facebook: /DexeterBand
Twitter: @dexeterband
YouTube: Dexeter Channel

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