Ward Thomas Announce New Single and Repackaged Album

Earlier today Ward Thomas announced the release of the next single from the their hugely successful From Where We Stand album, the upbeat and humourous A Town Called Ugley. This song is always a crowd favourite live and in case you were wondering, Ugley is actually a real place, and a rather picturesque one in Essex.

A Town Called Ugley

A Town Called Ugley

An animated music video is on the way, but for now you can stream the song on Soundcloud, where the accompanying picture gives us an idea of the animation style – looking good!

Also released on March 2nd will be a repacked version of the aforementioned From Where We Stand which in addition to the 12 original songs will also have a cover of Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Man In The Mirror’ (previously released on BBC Radio 2: Sounds of the 80s, if it’s the same version), ‘Who We Are’, a song written as an emotive tribute to their mother, as well as live versions of tracks recorded on last autumn’s UK tour.

I’m very keen to see what the live tracks are, and am hoping for the inclusion of the title track From Where I Stand, which for me is their best to date and gave me goosebumps when watching live at The Green Note in London last July.

The Ward Thomas headline tour kicks off in Bristol on March 11th, and to date tickets are still available here for all legs, but be quick, these Ward Thomas girls are becoming very popular.

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6 thoughts on “Ward Thomas Announce New Single and Repackaged Album

  1. kind of annoying when you fork out for the original album and a couple of months later they do this though! Suppose I can download the extras but I’m old and like something to show for my pennies!

    • I’m the same – I always want the physical version. Feels like you actually own the music, plus I listen to a lot of my music to and from work in my car, where I have a CD player, but no MP3 access.

      I’m guessing the new versions is so they have something new for the tour starting in March – let’s hope there are a decent number of extra tracks to make it a worthwhile release.

  2. Mark

    Totally agree, there should be some way to let original purchasers get a disc with the new suffrage a reduced price.

  3. I got pulled over by cops for speeding through Ugley while listening to Ward Thomas.

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