Single / Video Review: Lewis & Leigh – Devil’s in the Detail

Last October the self labelled Celticana duo Lewis & Leigh released their debut EP, Night Drives. I never got round to reviewing it at the time, which is my bad, as it’s a fantastic collection of 4 songs, showing off their prowess as musicians, songwriters and superb vocalists. Fast forward 6 months and their 2nd EP, Missing Years, is set for release in April and can be pre-ordered on iTunes. I’ll be doing a review of the EP at a later date, but just today they released the video for the one of the songs, Devil’s in the Detail.

A bit of information about the video shoot: We filmed the video ourselves at an old mansion in Suffolk using just our iPhones and the brilliant 8mm app. We stumbled upon the location in between gigs earlier this month and felt like the ghostly, old-world vibe suited the song perfectly. It tells you something about how far technology has come when you can produce a piece of film like this, just using a phone. Granted the average new smartphone costs more than a laptop, but still – it’s very impressive.

They are absolutely right about the location, which fits the haunting vocals like a glove. I urge you to watch and listen with headphones on, as the intro starts off with a different track in each ear, and that continues throughout the song, with vocals and other instrumentation coming through both. The song is about a relationship that is not quite as all might seem from afar. The timing of this song is uncanny, given that I watched Gone Girl last night, but that’s neither here nor there!

The tone of the video is creepy and quite scary, and given the message of the song that suits it down to the ground. Especially when two thirds into the song we get Years gone missing, time is chipping away repeated to a crescendo, that will have anyone looking at their own relationship and worrying it could relate to them too. The close ups of certain parts of the decor in the mansion at parts of the song where The Devil’s in the Detail is mentioned is a great double reference of the title.

As ever, Lewis & Leigh’s vocals are outstanding, with the power and emotion of their harmonies really making their mark, and showing once again, that few can match them. The video is a great accompaniment to a superb song, but I do wonder what this would be like performed live. In a dimly lit room, and if they managed to get candlelight, it could be something very special indeed. I have a growing list of people I want to see play live in 2015, with Lewis & Leigh firmly on that list. As for Celticana, it’s certainly on the Americana spectrum, and I want to hear more.

Facebook: /lewisandleighmusic
Twitter: @LewisandLeigh

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