Video of the Week: Rainbow Girls – Old Man Goat

Video of the Week

I first came across the Rainbow Girls at Maverick Festival last year. I hadn’t actually planned to see them, but the interview I was scheduled to do was running late, so as fate would have it I was stood near the stage and watched their whole set. They call themselves Stomp Folk and I’ll go with that, because if I was tasked with labeling them under an existing genre I’d have no idea. All I do know is that they are a group of super talented young ladies with a fun and inspiring approach to music. The following video is for a song called Old Man Goat and is from their first album The Sound of Light.

The video shows not only some great scenery and the girls on stage, so you see the array of instruments they play, but also some tour footage which gives an indication of the personalities involved. How many bands do you know that include a kazoo, and as a non comedic element? That was Cheyenne Methmann playing the kazoo in the video for Old Man Goat and she left the band this past January. It’s a great shame and I wish her well in her future adventures wherever they may take her. I have every confidence that as a 4 piece, the Rainbow Girls will continue to produce great music and put on stellar shows.

They have a second album coming out very soon, one which I helped to fund along with many other fans, and am very much looking forward to hearing. Last week was the first Video of the Week feature on 4000 Miles to Nashville and I gave you two videos. Well I’m doing the same again, and this second one is an interview with the Rainbow Girls from a year or so ago, where they talk about their music and their thoughts and approach to the music industry.

Go check out their music and if you get the opportunity to see them live, don’t think twice, just go.

Facebook: /rainbowgirlsstomp
Twitter: @rainbowgirrs
Instagram: @rainbowgirlsstomp

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