Video of the Week: Larkin Poe – Sugar High

Video of the Week

If you’ve ever seen Larkin Poe live then you’ll know what a blisteringly good show they put on. I saw them twice last year, at the Zinc Arts Centre, Chipping Ongar in June and again at the Maverick Festival in July, and both times they played on a stage. Bit of an odd comment you might think, until you see the setting for the video I’m bringing to you this week, which sees Larkin Poe playing in a van. You read that right, a van. In their own words Jam in the Van is the world’s first solar powered music discovery vehicle, in which they have artists play tracks, and video it for our pleasure. They performed 3 songs and I’m choosing Sugar High – so watch and be amazed.

Not the kind of setting you see people play in every day, and watching makes me want to do something similar here in the UK. I won’t and can’t, but it doesn’t stop me being wowed by their creativity and originality. The sound quality is incredible and it always impresses me that they fit so much equipment and people in that van. You can see the other two Larkin Poe performances, Stubborn Love and Jail Break, over on their website here.

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