Video of the Week: Thea Gilmore – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Under The Apple Tree Session)

Video of the Week

It’s been a bit of a busy week so I haven’t had any new videos come on my radar, and what does one do in that instance? Head over to Whispering Bob Harris’ website and check out the impressive archive of Under The Apple Tree Sessions of course. I was very quickly drawn to Thea Gilmore, who is not someone I am familiar with, but anyone who covers Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses gets my attention.

Sweet Child O’ Mine is one of my favourite songs of all time, and has been since I used to have Appetite for Destruction and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet on continuous play on my double deck ghetto blaster. The younger ones of you will have to Google most of what I said in that last sentence! This song has such an iconic sound, that has spent more years as my ringtone than not, so to hear it acoustically was quite different. It works though, and the whole song works too as folk rather than a rock ballad. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that behind the soft vocals that Thea Gilmore gave us during this cover, lies a voice that could belt out rockier numbers with ease.

It’s shorter than the original, but there are parts towards the end of the song that wouldn’t suit this style and tone. I was very impressed, with the vocals and guitar, both of which are such massive parts of what made Sweet Child O’ Mine such an anthem to begin with. I’ll know be sure to check out more of Thea Gilmore, and not just to see if my earlier hypothesis is correct.

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