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Video of the Week: Steven Tyler – Love is Your Name

Video of the Week

I’ve known Steven Tyler was taking a foray into country music for some time, but until yesterday had not seen or heard any of his efforts. I saw a link to his first music video come up in my Twitter feed and clicked through to Love is Your Name.

I don’t think coming from Aerosmith to country music is that big a leap, with a lot of the guitar solos and anthemic vocals taking the leap from hair rock to country music around the early to mid 90s anyway. In the video Tyler looks pretty much the same as he’s always looked, just with more of a country tinged setting than is usual. I do like how the video starts with his scarves and how they are a constant presence throughout – there is nothing more synonymous with Steven Tyler than his scarves, especially wrapped around a mic stand as we see at the beginning.

As a big Aeromsith fan I’ve always liked Tyler’s vocals and the slight direction change to country hasn’t stopped that. Only the ‘ooh ee ooh ee’ part at 2 minutes and 15 seconds had me raising my eyebrow, but I’m sure it will grow on me. It’s a song that builds to the chorus, and even has a little guitar solo, though that part is too short for my liking. Speaking of eyebrows, as I was, I read that Tyler burned his off in the making off this video – can’t say he’s not dedicated to this project!

In like both the song and video, and Steven Tyler has an aching in his voice that lends itself to country music perfectly. A Google search didn’t yield much as far as the release date for the album goes, but when it is ready, I’m in.

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